If you’re here you must have some sort of riddle that needs solving. That’s what effinity does. We help companies look at problems from different perspectives and develop awesome answers. We get people the right information at the right time without making them think about it. Every situation is unique. We start with a blank slate—no out-of-the-box solutions or pre-conceived ideas. Using both sides of the brain, we come up with applications that make doing what you do more intuitive, or marketing campaigns that engage customers, with an eye toward delivering a sustainable return on investment.



Listening is important. We start with you, your customers, and then everyone who holds sway over your business. We take a more macro view of the market so we are not missing any key insights.


Put a box around the problem. Not all problems are solved at once. Defining the scope, budget, and goals sets everything up for success.


Now it’s time to put our thinking caps on. We dissect the data to figure out the best ways to connect the dots. Solutions can range from a new application design to key insights on a go-to-market strategy. Look at the tabs on the right for examples.



Designing exactly how everything will fit together before any of the pieces are set in motion saves time, money and headaches. Creating interactive mock-ups and virtual environments lets clients see what they are building before the project gets too far along.


Each project has its own challenges, so we build our implementation teams to meet those needs. This ensures that we don’t get locked into one platform before we get started.


By conducting well-designed user tests we knock off the rough edges before bringing anything to market. Giving the target audience input at the development stage is a great way to increase engagement.



The key is knowing what to measure. Keeping ongoing projects or campaigns tied your business goals requires constant monitoring and comparison to expected outcomes and benchmarks.


Each project has its own challenges, so we build our implementation teams to meet those needs. This ensures that we don’t get locked into one platform before we get started.


By conducting well-designed user tests we knock off the rough edges before bringing anything to market. Giving the target audience input at the development stage is a great way to increase engagement.


effiinity has been in business since 2007. In that time, we have developed marketing campaigns, digital and social media strategies, and custom applications for companies from Fortune 500 to start-ups still in the garage.

If you're facing a riddle that you can't solve, we love a challenge.





Strategy Development
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Corporate Identity
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Advertising Design
Application Testing


Analytics Set-up
Direct Marketing Development
Marketing Analysis



A regional chain of specialty sporting goods retail stores had been losing sales progressively over the last few years. effinity was brought in to develop both a short term solution to help stop the losses, and a long term plan to expand their reach.

By mapping out their customer experience and investigating their competition, we found a number of simple fixes. In the short term, we focused on the brand’s institutional knowledge and created an employee training program for sales personnel to build expertise and consistency.

We continued by creating an online business strategy that opened up a vastly larger market and ensured long term growth. Their new application architecture utilized their specific industry knowledge to match an individual with the perfect product. Replicating their in-store experience online gave the customer the feel of a personal product consultant and built on the company's core strengths and opened up new opportunities.




The Center for Independent Futures (CIF) is an organization that helps individuals with special needs develop the skills and problem solving strategies they need to live on their own. After years of developing person-centric individual and group coaching techniques, CIF approached effinity to understand the feasibility of delivering their services via a digital platform.

After fully immersing ourselves in CIF’s person-centric processes and researching existing learning management systems, we determined that existing platforms were simply not going to be compatible with CIF’s teaching philosophy. effinity started from scratch to develop an architecture that delivered a completely nonlinear interactive learning environment. To add to the task, the system needed to be accessible to users with a wide range of both cognitive and physical abilities.

Our team disassembled the disconnected service offerings and rebuilt them into plan for a cohesive set of tools that would standardize CIF procedures and allow them to offer service to a much larger geographical area. At the end of this project the Center for Independent futures had an application plan, a development budget and a time-line, giving them the critical information they needed to assess whether or not to move forward with the project.




As the leader in commercial roof edge systems, Metal Era needed a way to maintain its advantage as it expanded into new markets. The company had been rapidly adding to its product lines to suit customer needs, and consequently had to juggle a number of new brands. To sustain their growth, they turned to effinity to keep up with the widening customer base.

To better understand the buyer, we looked for opportunities within current sales. Surveys and interviews revealed that the sheer number of new products offered made it hard for existing customers to find the information to complete their purchases. Money was being left on the table because people could not find all the products.

The solution was both simple and monumental. We built an organized branding system that defined the brands and cross-referenced the product features. The end result was a plan for a web presence that established Metal ERA as a parent brand and built integrated micro sites for each of the sub-brands. These micro sites incorporated smart search that would suggest other products customers needed to fulfill orders.




After completing the planning project, Center For Independent Futures weighed all of the risks and opportunities and called again on effinity, to oversee the design, production and testing of their online learning platform.

The first step in this challenging project was to build a user interface that could faithfully recreate the intricate nature of the existing learning tools while making the user experience intuitive for the wide spectrum of abilities in the target user groups. By creating an interactive model for the application, we were able to work with experts in special needs interface design from Northwestern University to refine the tools before moving into development.

In order to ensure the most universally usable environment in the time available we staged the first round of user testing in parallel with a phased development. This gave us the ability to rapidly adjust the user interface in light of any unforeseen issues. Using this type of project plan allowed us to reach development goals on time and on budget. We delivered a set of online tools that will help Center for Independent Futures reach their goal of providing ongoing sustainable individual support.




After developing one of the most well received new bands in craft distilling for FEW Spirits, Wilburn Thomas needed a way to make their web designs come to life.

The goal was to create a website with a one-of-a-kind user experience that expanded the intricate and nuanced FEW brand. effinity user interface designers worked closely with the brand developers to build an immersive magical environment, reminiscent of the famed midway of the "White City" from the 1893 World's Fair.

As a key brand touch-point, the website helps new customers discover the FEW story and converts them into a loyal following. The site was recognized with many awards and holds a special place in our hearts among the many sites we have developed.




Keeping the information up to date on Leahy IFP’s many brands and thousands of SKUs was difficult. Their internal sales people did not always have access to what they needed in a timely manner. This was costing Leahy potential sales. Their long-time partner Trungale Egan & Associates brought effinity in to help design and build an online solution. The goal was straight forward-- get the customers and sales people the information they need when they need it.

The first part of the plan was aligning and integrating the company's different data channels-- an enterprise level SAGE system, a standalone support ticketing system, and the hand-written notes of the sales staff. We designed and built a customer relationship manager that would keep track of customers' order and support history. We then integrated the CRM system with the product database in order to suggest the most useful products for that client.

Once the data was integrated, we created a sales dashboard to help the sales staff optimize their time, and a consumer portal with a conversational search to make it easier to find the right products. Finally, to ensure that the information was always available, we built a mobile-friendly interface making it easier for the sales team to get information in the field.




Working with Wilburn Thomas, we created "The Working Dead" campaign to showcase Solixir’s benefits in the workplace in a way that forced consumers to take notice. The integrated strategy was adapted from U.S. marine 'sweep and clear' procedures.

To cut through the media clutter and immerse audiences in the campaign, the outdoor media and guerrilla campaigns saturated targeted geographic regions with el station takeovers, and staged zombie outbreaks. At the same time, the website and social media roll out brought in a larger audience with “War of the Worlds” style live outbreak reporting.

Deploying the three-month campaign needed to be a well-choreographed dance-- with actors, social media writers, and placed media all on a tight schedule. We were careful to monitor responses in all channels and adjust tactics so we could manage budget as effectively as possible to deliver optimum results.